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Dear countrymen!

I hope you accept my best regards from a long-distance and with the close hearts and send my hellos to other dear countrymen and to your family

With the help of God and with the people’s support we have a great chance ahead of us to not only win the presidential elections but also to turn this election to a court for the trial of national traitors, hypocrites, looters and etc.

Your support and the whole people’s support is the main factor for our victory. You can lead the campaign as you wish and based on three following points: read more...  

Afghan's First Choice For Afghanistan Presidency


Dr. Ramazan Bashardost is Afghanistan’s former Planning Minister, current Member of Parliament and an Independent Candidate in the upcoming Presidential Elections. read more...

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Human Rights and Transitional Justice/ Civil Society/ Freedom of Information


  Fighting Corruption From The Top In Kabul

  CBS Evening News: In Afghanistan Government, Corruption Allegedly Runs Rampant

 Friday 30 January 2009


KABUL, Afghanistan, Jan. 28, 2009 | by Elizabeth Palmer

(CBS) In a city where most government officials drive shiny new SUVs, politician Ramzan Bashardost’s little car stands out, with a sign on the roof that says "I am not afraid of anyone."

Bashardost is a crusader against rampant corruption in Afghanistan. And that’s made him the people’s hero, CBS News correspondent Elizabeth Palmer reports.

"In Afghan Parliament, in Afghan justice, in Afghan court: we have corruption. The corruption becomes practically legal in Afghanistan," he said.

Outside a tent he’s pitched in front of Parliament, Bashardost listens to peoples’ complaints.

Fatah’s brother, for example, is in jail, but he can’t afford to bribe his way in for a visit.

Sometimes, a phone call from Bashardost - and the threat of exposure - will make a corrupt officials back off.

Most Afghan families survive on about $350 a year.

Surveys show that they pay almost a third of that in bribes. It starts at a place most people pass daily. At every road checkpoint, the police are on the take.

Families have to pay bribes to get their power switched on, or ID papers issued.

Wealthier people shell out thousands for government jobs.

One neighborhood in Kabul is nicknamed The City of Loot - and it stands as proof to Afghans that corruption reaches the highest levels of government. Many of the new mansions were built by public servants earning - at least officially - a few hundred dollars a month.

Public disgust is open - and growing.

As Bashardost’s campaign shows, only a serious anti-corruption drive will restore people’s faith in their government - and its American allies.


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